Hiking in Park County Colorado

This web site contains a collection of stories about hiking trips I have taken in and near Park County, Colorado, The hikes range from easy riverside strolls to tough high-country bushwhacks. I hope you enjoy the pictures and stories even half as much as I enjoyed the hikes, and that you’re encouraged to take your own. Park County is a beautiful place, and there are endless hikes to take. See you in the alpenglow! John D. Rankin

Hiking Pix from around Park County

What you need to know to hike Park County, Colorado!

If you can walk, you can hike. Hiking is just like walking, except you do it with a good deal more of mindfulness and you do it out in the wilderness. You soak in the sounds and the scenery of nature while you get yourself into better shape at a pace and at a level of difficulty of your own choosing. Out here in Park County, right at the heart of the Rockies, hiking is an important part of our way of life. And here on this site, I will be sharing some stories about my own hikes, ranging from the easy riverside strolls to those tough high-country bushwhacks. I hope you enjoy the pictures and stories even half as much as I enjoyed the hikes, and that you’re encouraged to take your own.

Once you do decide to join me in my outdoor treks across Park County, here are a few friendly reminders to help you get started, especially if you are still a newbie to hiking:

Make a Plan and Stick to it
Dress Sensibly and Comfortably

Bring a Backpack of Essentials

Don’t Pollute

Welcome. I’m John, and if you want to know more about hiking in Park County, you can always contact me  - Please let me know also what area of this large county you would like me to focus on article wise!

Our Latest Posts

Burning Bear Trail Snowshoe

17 Nov
bridge made of the two logs

Snowshoe with Steve on May 16, 2008 Trailhead: 39°28’31”N, 105°46’06”W, 9,607 feet Top: 39°29’48”N, 105°45’33”W , 10,738 feet Farthest Point: 39°30’42”N, 105°44’22”W, 9,838 feet Travelling Distance: 7.9 miles Turn northwest from US 285 onto Hall Valley Road (Park County Road 60) at Webster, between mile markers 208 and 209. Travel 3.0 miles, and park in […]

Walking the Black Mountain Cliffs

14 Nov
Black Mountain

Hike with Sunday T. Dog on July 4, 2008 Trailhead: 38°44’15” N, 105°42’30”W, 10,170 feet Summit: 38°43’7”N, 105°41’15”W, 11,654 feet Hiking Distance: 5.3 miles   I had to take a morning trip to Buena Vista on Independence Day, and took advantage of my location by going on a hike in southwestern Park County when business […]

Abyss Lake Trail by Snowshoe

13 Nov
Geneva Mountain and Mount Bierstadt

Snowshoe on March 9, 2008 Trailhead: 39°30’40”N, 105°42’40”W, 9635 feet Farthest point: 39°32’32”N, 105°40’40”W, 10,400 feet Traveling distance: 6.1 miles Turn north from Grant onto Guanella Pass Road (Park County Road 62). Go 5.3 miles, and park at the Abyss Lake Trailhead on the right side of the road. There is a parking area just […]

Cub Creek Trail to the Black Mountain Ridge

12 Nov
Black Mountain from US 285

Hike with Pat, Kathy, Cheryl, and Sunday T. Dog on July 6 Cub Creek Trailhead: 39°33’59”N, 105°23’00”W, 8,358 feet Left Trail: 39°33’31”N, 105°25’31”W, 10,002 feet Our Highest Point: 39°32’50”N, 105°24’39”W, 10,439 feet Hiking distance: 7.8 miles   The hike up Black Mountain in the southwest of the county turned out so well, I couldn’t resist […]

A Snowy Walk Above Harris Park

11 Nov
Above Harris Park

Hike on December 1, 2008 Trailhead: 39º31’8”N, 105º30’14”W, 8,936 feet Highest point: 39º31’54”N, 105º29’46”W, 9,366 feet Hiking distance: 2.9 miles   Harris Park borders on Pike National Forest, and there are a few roads leading north into the forest. I checked my topographic map for the area, and found several roads and trails that could […]

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